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Our Jaco Costa Rica weather and climate page covers local current weather reports and weather forecasts, wet and dry season temperatures and rainfall. We will also discuss which Jaco weather forecast is the most accurate.

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Current Jaco Costa Rica Weather Report and Forecast

There is no weather forecast calculated specifically for Jaco. DoceLunas has the most accurate published Jaco weather forecast. You can find a forecast for Jaco on the WeatherUnderground site, which is a fine site, but the Jaco weather forecast page actually just uses the weather forecast for Chacarita, which is much more inland and to the south of Jaco. We report a weather forecast for Jaco using the data from the Weather Underground forecast for Puntarenas, which is nearby on the coast. There is a link to the Weather Underground site below. Here is our current three day Jaco weather forecast.

North American Winter is Summer in Jaco

The climate or local weather in Jaco Costa Rica is tropical, with rainy season weather conditions in North American summer, which Costa Ricans call winter weather. The dry season comes during North American winter, which Costa Ricans call summer.

Although it is north of the equator, average temperatures are cooler in most of Costa Rica in the U.S. summer because of the increased cloud cover. The weather in Jaco is seldom windy. The dry season humidity in Jaco Costa Rica is similar to California, but humidity may average 90% for the two rainiest months of the wet season for Jaco weather, when monthly rainfalls may be has high as 8 inches in Jaco Costa Rica.

Jaco Costa Rica Average temperatures are similar year round, but high temperatures do increase in "summer"

Year round monthly 24 hour average temperatures fall into a very narrow range. Monthly average temperatures in Jaco Costa Rica are at their lowest in October, at around 79 degrees, and their highest in March at 83 degrees. The difference between the hotter season weather and the cooler season would seem to be only four degrees, and that is true, but only for the day long average temperature in Jaco Costa Rica.

While 24 hour averages fall in a narrow range throughout the year, the high temperatures in the dry season are noticably higher, in the 90s instead of the 80s. Downtown is very hot from 10 or 11 until 4 or 5. It is up to 10 degrees cooler on the low slopes of the jungle covered mountains surrounding Jaco Costa Rica. Its good to be in the shade at DoceLunas! We are close by the beach and recommending walking over in the morning before it gets hot on Jaco beach.

You can find out more about the beautiful beach where this weather occurs at Playa Jaco Costa Rica.

Table: Jaco Costa Rica Average Temperature

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
°C 27.2 27.9 28.5 28.7 27.9 27.2 26.9 26.9 26.5 26.6 26.6 26.8 27.3
°F 81.0 82.2 83.3 83.7 82.2 81.0 80.4 80.4 79.7 79.9 79.9 80.2 81.1

Jaco Costa Rica average rainfall

Jaco Costa Rica has very distinct wet and dry seasons. The Jaco dry season begins in December and last til May. From May to November rainfall is higher, with the Jaco wet season's peak rainfall typically coming in October. May through mid-September rainstorms are typicall only a couple hours long, but once September rolls around, rainstorms beginning in the early evening and lasting through the night are not uncomon. The high ceilinged palenque or traditional palm roof of Jaco hotel DoceLunas' restaurant Eclipse is a great place to wait out a storm while watching the rain pour down through the tropical jungle canopy. Here is a chart of average rainfall:

Table: Average Rainfall in Jaco Costa Rica

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
mm 6.9 2.7 6.1 32.8 199.2 240.0 183.0 243.1 308.7 253.0 118.7 32.7 1619.6
inches 0.3 0.1 0.2 1.3 7.8 9.4 7.2 9.6 12.2 10.0 4.7 1.3 63.8

Jaco Hotel DoceLunas has cooler weather

Downtown Jaco Costa Rica is fun but it is also a big heat sink with lots of pavement and less vegetation and tree cover than the surrounding tree lined fields. Even without trees, it suprising how much cooler a grass field is than an area of buildings and pavement under the tropical sun. (Jaco Costa Rica is about nine degrees north of the equator.) The area outside the central strip quickly gives way to fields and then, within a mile or two, to jungle covered mountains.

Jaco Hotel DoceLunas is one mile from the black sand beach in the shade at the base of the largest of these mountains, Cerro Puntudo, towering over 1,000 feet above the hotel. Consequently, we have our own Jaco weather.

It is much cooler here at DoceLunas. At mid-day in dry season, we are as much as ten degrees cooler here than in downtown Jaco. This is partly because of the mountain, partly because we have preserved the canopy throughout the hotel so the grounds are shady, dappled with sun rather than baked, and partly because we are surrounded by fields and jungle, not pavement. You will love it.

Puntarenas is the best weather forecast to use for Jaco

Playa Jaco Costa Rica does not have its own local weather data station to provide history, nor is there a forecast caculated specifically for Jaco. The national weather forecast, for the city of San Jose, won't tell you much abou the weather in Jaco Costa Rica. You can, however, get an idea of the current forecast by checking this Puntarenas weather forecast on Weather Underground. The forecast for nearby Puntarenas Costa Rica, 50 km up the coast, makes a good approximate Jaco weather forecast.

While it is a helpful approximation of Jaco Costa Rica weather, because of the mountains and the Nicoya gulf and the nature of rainstorms, you can't be sure when it comes to predicting rain. You can get a general idea of the current weather in the area though. You can also check the weather at Freemeteo but they will refer you weather station in Liberia to approximate a forecast for Jaco weather. That is just silly. Liberia is way up north in the middle of the sun-baked Nicoya pennisula. Liberia is much hotter than Jaco and gets a completely different weather system.

Jaco Dry Season: January - April

In January, February, March, and April Jaco Costa Rica weather is dry with only two or three days of rain. Bright blue clear skies are most common, with occasional partly cloudy skies. Overcast days are rare. Temperatures during this season range from the low 70s in the morning to maximum high temperatures in the 90s, with typical day time temperatures between 70 at dawn and 90 at the highest at noon. Daytime high temperatures are more typically in the 80s. It is quite a bit cooler at our Jaco hotel in the dry season because the mountain provides shade in the beginning of the day. We are surrounded by jungle and fields and the pavement in the downtown Jaco area absorbs a remarkable amount of heat.

Jaco Green Season: May - August

May, June, July and August the weather in Jaco Costa Rica is variable, with some sunny days and a few torential rains. Ten to twenty days out of the month there will be some preciptation. In Jaco, average preciptiation for these months is about 5 inches, a lot of which will fall in five or six really heavy rains. Temperatures are slightly cooler, with daytime high temperatures around 84 being typical.

Jaco Rainy Season: September - October

September and October are the rainy season or some say the wet season for Jaco Costa Rica weather. We like to think of it as the green season, although its surprisingly still very green in the dry season too. There is not usually a lot of wind, and the lightning is not as heavy as the mid-Atlantic or mid-west U.S., but the rain is torrential when it comes. Sometimes it can rain all day, and it rains more days than not. Total rainfall for each month is around eight inches. The weather is always warm enough to walk rain the rain until a few hours after dark. If you don't mind rain, its a great time to visit Jaco.

Jaco Costa Rica Shoulder Season: November - December

Sometime between the first week of November and the second week of December, the weather in Jaco Costa Rica changes and the rain comes to an end. This period can be completely dry or there can be mixed clouds and sun with periods of heavy rain lasting up to day in November. The weather is warm, but not as hot as the dry season, with daytime highs usually lower than 90s.

Playa Jaco Costa Rica weather and nightlife

It can be very hot in the day in Playa Jaco, but at night it cools off quite a bit in Jaco. Overnight low temperatures are typically in the low 70s or high 60s. Most of the club are enclosed for noise control, so most places you go in Jaco (Monkey Bar, Vibes) will run a/c. Still, you might want to go somewhere outdoors with a roof and people in it, like Ganesha and even with fans, such places will get hot regardless of the weather. The a/c is pretty strong in vibes, so i recommend dressing for about 80 degrees. In rainy weather there are cabs in Jaco but everyone wants one, so there can be a five minute wait. Consider an umbrella.

Playa Jaco Costa Rica weather and tours

The rainy season is the best weather in Costa Rica for rafting, which is not always available in the dry season. Otherwise, most of the tours and activities near Jaco operate in all weather. Slogging throught the rainforest in a rainstorm is not an experience for everyone, but for some its the experience of a lifetime, so consider a wet season vacation for savings and a unique adventure, or a contemplative yoga retreat in the rain.

Remember Jaco Costa Rica gets hot - the mountain stays cool

Whatever the weather in Jaco Costa Rica, its always cooler in the shade at Jaco hotel DoceLunas. Find out more about our beautiful hotel in Jaco Costa Rica.




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December through April is the best season for weather for Costa Rica weddings. It is very unlikely to rain at all from January to March and December and April rain comes only around 1 in 4 days and it usually doesnt last long. No matter what, its always warm. While wedding parties mostly schedule in our dry season or May through August before the heavy rains come, some of our Costa Rica yoga retreats are scheduled during the rainiest part of the year. Our prices are somewhat lower and the warm torrential, windless downpours provide a powerful but relaxing display of the forces of nature that fits well with the contemplative nature of a yoga retreat.

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