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Here is a complete list of Jaco hotels with links to homepages and reviews. We also offer a map of Jaco hotels. Please enjoy our local knowledge from Jaco Costa Rica.

Jaco Costa Rica has a lot of budget hotels and there are a few mid-priced and high end hotels in Jaco. On the budget end of the spectrum, Jaco Hotel DeHann is one of the best values at around $15, but you get what you pay for. With a four star rating and a three star price as well as not just one, but three Tripadvisor Traveler's Choice Awards in 2012 alone, Jaco hotel DoceLunas is the clear choice among Jaco hotels priced $90 and above.

Tripadvisor has lots of reviews of Jaco hotels. Sites like hotels.com list some Jaco hotels (wikipedia article) but while increasing numbers of small hotels are on sites like this, many excellent small hotels are not listed. We recommend you follow the common practice of using these sites for research along with tripadvisor and google search and then booking directly with the hotel that you choose. ( We are confident in your ability to make the smart choice and come to DoceLunas! ) If you book directly with hotels, you get more flexible deposit and cancellation policies and the hotel doesn't have to give up 25% to the web booking service.

Jaco hotels - cautionary notes

Many hotels in Jaco do not have septic systems that will handle paper waste, so guests are required to put used toilet paper in a waste basket. If that bothers you, check with the hotel before booking. You might be surprised to discover hotels that charge over $100 do not always have the kind of bathrooms you might expect.

Many hotels in Jaco also have electric on-demand water heaters in the showers that are dangerous if not installed properly. It might be best to take a cold shower. Some foreigners drink the municipal water without getting sick, but some don't, and most wisely choose to avoid it.

Hotel DoceLunas has its own pure mountain spring water system that we double filter to exceed U.S. drinking water quality standards. We also have fully functional toilets and environmentally sound gas on demand hot water system for unlimited hot water with no potential for electric shock.

Jaco Hotels on Exepdia and others: are these hotels in Jaco really?

If you find your Jaco hotel on another website, make sure to double check that it is actually in Jaco. Tripadvisor hotel listings and Expedia listing of hotels in Jaco as well as hotels.com's list of Jaco hotels include hotels that are almost an hour away from Jaco.

Jaco Hotels - List

Top Quality Jaco Hotels

Hotel DoceLunas
Hotel and Casino Amapola
Los Suenos Marriot Resort

Other Higher Priced Playa Jaco Hotels

Hotel Tangeri
Hotel Villa Lapas
Best Western Hotel Jaco Beach
Jaco Fiesta
"Hard Rock" Casino (Not a Hard Rock Cafe)
Hotel Terraza Del Pacifico
Hotel Mar de Luz
Hotel Copacabana
Balcon Del Mar

Mid Price and Budget Playa Jaco Hotels

Hotel De Haan
Mango Mar
Hotel Flamboyant
Hotel Paraiso Del Sol
Suenos Del Paraiso
Cabinas Alice
Las Olas (Playa Hermosa)
La Cometa
Aluburge Palmas
Hotel Kangaroo
Cabinas Gaby
Cabinas Sole Doro
Villas Del Mar
Paraiso Escondido
Hotel Bejuco
Hotel Dolce Vita
Villa Estrellamar
Hotel La Palmera
Bar Hotel Oz
Hotel Cocal and Casino
Arenal Pacifico Hotel
Aparthotel Costa Arenas
Hotel Pelican (actually in Esterillos, twenty minutes south of Jaco)

Our hotel provides this list of Jaco hotels because we are confident that in the end you will be find the information you need to choose the best hotel for you in Jaco. You might want to check out some of our Jaco hotel reviews before you make your decision. If you would like jungle surroundings, a little less heat, top quality service, and four star elegance, and three star prices, Jaco hotel DoceLunas is the place for you. Find out for yourself why almost 90% of our customers give us the top rating on Tripadvisor.

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