Jaco Costa Rica Map of New Highway from San Jose to Jaco and Caldera

The new highway from San Jose to Jaco Costa Rica is complete and travelers are saving time on the faster route (more on how much faster shortly) and business are getting a boost. A map of the two highways follows. This Jaco Costa Rica map of the new highway from San Jose to Caldera and the old highway is completely interactive.

You can zoom in and out on the map (to cover all Costa Rica or see streets in Playa Jaco) by clicking the plus sign and minus sign on the map. You can see more about directions by clicking on the icons.

You can move the new highway map center by clicking and holding and moving the mouse if you want to see a street map of Caldera or a street map of San Jose Costa Rica.

Please enjoy our interactive map of the new highway from San Jose to Jaco and Caldera and let us know what else you would like to see on the map.

Also note, people say the "new highway from San Jose to Jaco" but to be precise, the new highway runs from Hatillo past through Belen, Garita, and Coyolar to Caldera. The airport is in Alajuela, so you either have to go toward San Jose a little and over to Belen to pick up the new highway or find the road that crosses from from La Garita on the old highway to Turucares on the new highway. That will take you to near Caldera where you will get off and take the beautiful and well-maintained Costanera Highway for the last leg of your journey. The new toll highway from San Jose to Caldera is called the "Autopista Del Sol."

If you are going from the aiport to the coast, don't try to take the new highway from San Jose to Jaco via Belen if it is rush hour - the drive to get on the new highway in Belen will take you into traffic and you will have the same travel time and pay tolls too. If you start out on the old route, you can look for the turn to Turucares in La Garita and cross to the new highway there if you are able to find it. It's a little tricky to spot, so we will be providing a photo of the turn and mileage soon. Please check back.

The new highway from San Jose to Playa Jaco may cut fifteen minutes to half an hour off your travel time. It will also make the old highway faster as trucks will avoid the mountain to save gas.

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Map - New Highway from San Jose to Jaco Costa Rica
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