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Our mission is to promote total rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit. Practicing specialized Spa treatments and services, using high quality natural products with individual consultation and Spa programs, we are here to assist you in making optimal lifestyle choices. Here is the opportunity to find you, to balance your yin and yang and find relief from the stress and tension of everyday living. We offer guests the opportunity for a total Spa Experience. It is the result of allowing your entire being-body, mind and spirit, to become totally immersed in a variety of treatments and services that facilitate ultimate relaxation and therapeutic benefits.


Relax - A full body massage designed to ease tension, relieve stress and promote a general state of well being, combining traditional techniques.

Hot Stones - Basalt lava stones are heated and applied to the body. A penetrating deep heat therapy is followed by a relaxing deep tissue massage. Great for mind and body wellness.

Feel Deep - This therapeutic deep reaching muscle massage works out sore spots, relieves chronic pain, and improves circulation while it eases tension and stretch.


Exfoliations are an important part in the skin renewal process. By removing old cells from the skin tissue we allow new fresh tissue to emerge. Our exfoliant blends are designed for all your needs. Are you in a detox program? Or wanting to loose weight? Or just relax?

Positive Vibrations - Arouse your senses with the vibration of this organic Costa Rican coffee-based exfoliant. Coffee has a lipolytic (fat-reducing) action and stimulates microcirculation, increasing lymphatic drainage and the elimination of toxic deposits (cellulite).

Cahuita Beach - A moisturizing and refreshing Caribbean beach sand facial exfoliant. Smooth and refresh your skin, removing the old and nurturing the new.

After Glow - Enjoy the after glow of this invigorating, deeply cleansing exfoliant. Let the minerals and organic essential oils detoxify and relax your muscles, stimulating your body, mind and spirit.


Purifying - Begins with a cleansing and a gentle enzyme exfoliant. A nutrient rich facial mud mask infused with Jojoba, sweet almonds, sesame oil, vitamin E, cucumber and Aloe Vera to hydrate, revitalize, and free your skin from impurities, while reducing the signs of aging. Great for skin that’s been dried out by chlorine, salt water or sun exposure. Includes a foot massage which will ease your mind and body.


Treat your fingers and toes!

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